Power of Pinterest

Pinterest should surely get some of the credit (or blame) for the gift wrapping adventure which I am pursuing. There is something fairly addictive about letting Pinterest know about your hobbies, because the app will find just about any photo on the planet related to that topic and pour it into your personalized newsfeed.

Angela’s Pinterest page

When you peek at my page, you will see a little of my ADD side. I’m all over the map with various interests, including floral arranging, books, wine and holiday decor. Gift wrapping is definitely beginning to dominate, however, with a few folders of note. Gift Wrap is a generic folder of other people’s awesome creations. Ang Holiday Wrapping is a collection of 2016 actual gifts wrapped. Orange Cat Wraps is a new folder which will include my wrapping efforts from all occasions, since I aspire to wrap more than just 2 months out of the year.


Like most Pinterest fans, I’ve had my fair share of “epic fails”, projects which looked inspiring and easy on the site but were creative disasters when I attempted to duplicate them. That’s ok. I have come to understand that Pinterest is as much about organizing pics of my work as it is about ogling the work of others.

English Gift wrap guru Jane Means talks often of how the Internet entices us to steal one another’s ideas, and I hope that I don’t fall into that trap. It is important to me that I find my own creative voice and avoid borrowing from others. That’s why the Orange Cat Wraps name is good for me. It lends a whimsical air to what is really just FUN.

I love wrapping and hope to learn more of the technical side of the craft, but also understand that it’s a form of artistic expression. I have no delusions that I will ever attain the level of Ms. Means perfection, or the level of artistry by Atlanta’s amazing wrap talent, the Gift Wrap Goddess Mia Canada. (Dream goal would be to attend a class taught by either one someday.)

For now I will take care to not try to emulate the work of the Masters, pilfer the online ideas or lean on pre-packaged wrap sets. OrangeCatWraps will stay true to what makes wrapping a joy for me, and that is creating something special for the giver to share with their recipient. Hopefully a little thoughtful adornment will make the gift-giving experience more special, and allow me to be a blessing to someone in the process.

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