Meet the Orange Cat

People ask me about the moniker of my wrapping adventure: why OrangeCatWraps? My marketing guru Samantha and I were tossing about some names, and I think we both wanted something to convey the whimsical fun of the hobby. (Plus we both love cats). The name certainly inspired one of the most adorable logos ever (bias acknowledged). OrangeCatWraps was born.

I’ve had a soft spot for orange cats for many years, starting with a 3-legged feline named Shermie. There is something incredibly endearing about orange cats; they are sweet, loyal and affectionate. The real star of OrangeCatWraps is Roland, my current orange cat and a huge part of my heart. While my affection for him inspired the name, I didn’t visualize any involvement on his part. He certainly seemed uninterested in my activities last Christmas, when I was just wrapping with a hashtag, #Angwraps. Once the undertaking took on a new life with a logo and website named for him, he stepped up to the plate with a defined involvement.


Roland seems to understand his role in the organization, a responsibilty to ensure that his reputation remains intact throughout the wrapping season. He is like a silent leader hovering on the sidelines for inspiration and moral support. While one would assume that his cat instincts would impede my progress, he truly is just a nice companion while I work. Sure, there is the occasional playing with the ribbon or chasing the small bird ornaments, but in general he stays close without interfering.



Perhaps his mild interest and subdued playfulness is related to his age. A rescue cat, I cannot say for sure how old he is, but if he were a human, I would place him at about time in life when he would start rolling his eyes at his parents. He is definitely mature enough to not get overly excited when it is time to make the bow, and prefers to observe or even nap, somewhere on the table or near the boxes.




Wrapping is a fun creative outlet for me, a balance to the stress of my worklife. I enjoy the process of wrapping, organizing my supplies and interacting with the friends who trust me to adorn their special gifts. The fact that I am blessed enough to be able to wrap with such a cool cat by my side, makes it an even more delightful way to spend some time. Perhaps a star is born.

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