Ready for 2019

Each year, setting up the gift wrap supplies is a joy for me. I enjoy organizing my papers and ribbons almost as much as the act of wrapping itself. Despite my significant collection, I always add new items to the mix and create new systems to access them to ease the wrap process.

Also each year, the room in the house I overtake for my wrap work space changes, growing in size. I have used the office, the dining room, the spare bedroom, and now-the great room. The largest space in the house, the great room also has built in bookshelves which have been vacated of books in order to store empty gift boxes and decor. An eight foot table is the actual wrap surface, with drawers of ribbon nearby, as well as multiple sources for paper, sorted by genre (upscale, youth, natural).

I find that an organized space is an essential foundation for any successful venture. By this measure alone, I predict that 2019 will be a lovely year indeed for Orange Cat Wraps. Even Roland approves. He has been sleeping under the decorated tree, a perfect observation post.

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