OCW 2020


Orange Cat Wraps is 5 years old. Looking back at the first photos, I can see an evident evolution in both ability and aesthetic. As my talent and style develops, so too does the project itself, this year aided by a bit more attention.

An article about OCW appeared on the front page of the Augusta Chronicle and Columbia County News-Times. The unexpected publicity brought a new client and many kind wishes from friends who didn’t realize my passion for quality wrapping.

I wrapped the greatest quantity of gifts this year to a broader audience, including moms of families in need. My snobbery for upscale boxes and paper increased significantly, and my ability to eyeball how much ribbon is needed for each package surprises me.

Thank you to Margaret Woodard for being a loyal supporter and advocate through the years, and thanks also to Samantha Bodie for the logo to represent the brand.

My sister asked when is the next big wrapping holiday; my reply was Christmas. That is perfectly fine, for now, so that I can continue to enjoy this adventure with recovery time in between rushes of work. Here are a few of favorites from the 2020 season.

Paper Source
Sugar Paper
Paper Source

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