Orange Cat Wraps est 2016

It’s always cool to receive a present, but it is especially delightful when something about it surprises you. When extra attention is given to the experience, it conveys a warm sense of thoughtfulness.

I find it fun to play a role in that process, because it fulfills my personal mission to be a blessing to others. I aspire to help the giver and the recipient to have a more meaningful exchange, and am hopefully add a touch of art to the occasion.

The enterprise of wrapping for others started in 2015. I needed to wrap a gift for my boss to give to his wife, and purchased the best paper and accoutrements I could find. Having leftover supplies, I offered to do the same for a co-worker who needed help with a present for his wife. Later, he told me that his wife had tears in her eyes when she held the package, as she “had never received a present so exquisitely wrapped” before. It sparked the idea for me to offer my creative services to others. I have been wrapping ever since.

Ang wrapping with friends during the holidays