It’s always cool to receive a present, but it is especially delightful when something about it surprises you. Perhaps the gift itself is especially unique, or it is wrapped in a whimsical fashion. When extra attention is given to the experience, it conveys a warm sense of thoughtfulness.

I find it fun to play a role in that process, because it fulfills my personal mission to be a blessing to others. I aspire to help the giver and the recipient to have a more meaningful exchange, and am hopefully add a touch of art to the occasion.

The enterprise of wrapping for others started with one holiday moment. I needed to wrap a gift for my boss to give to his wife, and purchased the best paper and accoutrements I could find. Having leftover supplies, I offered to do the same for a co-worker who needed help with a present for his wife. Later, he told me that his wife had tears in her eyes when she held the package, as she “had never received a present so exquisitely wrapped” before. It made her feel special, which made him happy, and sparked the idea for me to offer my creative services to others.

I soon realized that my wrapping was a hit on a few levels. In addition to being a win for me (a creative outlet), a win for my helpers (we have fun together), a win for the giver (who perhaps dislikes wrapping), and a win for the recipient (who feels special), it also became a win for the community. I wrap for donations to my favorite community cause, the Miller Project, a renovation of the historic Miller Theater in downtown Augusta, Georgia. Amounts are not set; I accept and turn over whatever contribution is in the heart of the donor.

Ang wrapping with friends during the holidays

I hope that your next gift, whether given or received, is one that delights you. If I can be a part of that process, it would be an honor to enhance the presentation with a bit of creative adornment, and hopefully a little bit of surprise.


For information on the Miller project, visit their new website Miller Theater Augusta. The space opens January 2018, and with continued gifts after the opening, the organization will be able to start a music institute for youth education, and build an endowment for sustainability.